IDX Forge Consultation Services

IDX Broker Optimization

Managing your IDX Broker account is like tuning a performance vehicle. It's incredibly powerful IF you've got the settings right. Our experience can get you there.


Transitioning your website from IDX Broker Original to IDX Broker Platinum is time-consuming and complex. We'll make sure your upgrade is smooth and successful.

Control Panel Training

One on one in-depth training on everything the robust IDX Broker Control Panel has to offer. Want to manage your account your self, just need someone to show you the ropes? Let IDX Forge make you an expert too.

Need to Train Your Team? IDX Forge offers Remote or On-Site lessons!

Messy Data

Not all MLSs are created equal. Sometimes you have to deal with junk data in your searches, missing listings, or broken Saved Links. Let us clean it all up for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Many of IDX Broker's SEO settings are the trickiest to find and master. We can boost your visibility by taking full advantage of each and every opportunity.

Style with CSS

Make your IDX pages uniquely engaging and branded to your business. No one else's IDX will look like yours.

Tips and updates from IDX Forge

The single MOST important SEO setting for IDX Broker

Posted Jan 20

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