IDX Broker Styling and Branding

Not Happy With The Way Your IDX Tools Look?

IDX Broker’s default look is bland by design. Their philosophy is to provide a clean slate for clients to apply their own looks and style. The good news is, we can make it easy for you to apply a style that matches your business and your message. Custom styling not only ensures your website will look like no one else’s, it also improves usability and promotes return visits.

Just Need That Last Little Bit?

IDX Forge does small jobs too! If your pages are almost there and just need a couple things adjusted, let me know, IDX Forge offers tailored rates to get you squared away without blowing the budget.

Things That Can Be Quickly Adjusted with CSS

  • Colors: text/titles/buttons/boxes/backgrounds
  • Sizes: text/titles/buttons/search fields/pictures
  • Positioning: Something overlapping something else, too much space between elements, things not aligned correctly

CSS is a robust and versatile language where the sky is the limit. Share your vision for your IDX pages and I'll let you know exactly how we can achieve it.