IDX Broker Migrations - Original to Lite or Platinum

Ready To Take The Leap to Platinum?

IDX Broker launched their Platinum Platform over a year ago but you still haven’t migrated to it yet, and probably for some very specific reasons. It could be that you know your links and widgets will break and you have lots of them. It could be that you know the data from your MLS is different on Platinum and you’re not sure how to address the consequences of those differences. Or it could just be that you’ve simply not gotten around to it.

Whatever the reason, be it simple or complex, IDX Forge has the expertise in both the platform and the data to help you make this transition.

All The Steps from A to Z

There are a lot of processes to make sure your site is migrated fully and retains all of it’s functionality and search engine standing. We’ve got all of it covered. From the first step through the last, we’ll make sure your website is better than new when it’s finished and you’ll have access to all the fantastic new features IDX Broker is building for Platinum.

Tasks Included in Migrating Your Account

Migrating an IDX Broker account is always a unique process, here are just a few steps that we'll take care of for you:

  • Set up a new Custom Subdomain (essential for SEO and mandatory to change when you migrate)
  • Update the link paths to your IDX pages across the entire website
  • Reconstruction and replacement of all Widgets used in the website
  • Troubleshoot broken Saved Links as a potential result of migration (happens surprisingly frequently)
  • CSS fixes on the new Platinum pages for any display issues (overlapping content/text, etc.)
  • Basic Walkthrough of your new Platinum Control Panel to familiarize you with your new account and it's features